State Street is the only Treasure Valley roadway that connects the communities of Star, Eagle and Boise. As the population of the Treasure Valley grows, State Street will require improvements to accommodate increased traffic along the corridor.
   This project identified and prioritized specific transit and traffic improvements that will develop State Street into a premier transit corridor in the Treasure Valley. This 15-month study built upon the
2002-2004 State Street Corridor Strategic Plan That plan concluded that the most effective strategy for future transit would be to plan dedicated lanes that could accommodate high capacity transit operations, such a high-speed bus or light rail system. The earlier study also found that implementing a high capacity transit system would require more than enhancing transit and traffic conditions; for this strategy to be successful, future development along State Street must be planned to support high capacity transit.
After completion of the above plan, a memorandum of understanding was developed and agreed upon by the partnering agencies to identify the roles and responsibilities of each agency in implementing this vision.
As part of this implementation, the State Street Corridor Market Strategy and State Street Transit Oriented Development Guidelines were completed to assist with identifying the market perspective on State Street and the guidelines for transforming State Street into a regional transit priority corridor. The planned State Street Alignment Study to be conducted by the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) will determine the location of the preferred centerline of the proposed seven-lane section and identify the needed right-of-way on State Street from Glenwood Street to 23rd Street.



Transit and Traffic Operational Plan                            Community Advisory Committee