The address for Valley Regional Transit is 700 NE 2nd St,, Ste. 100, Meridian, ID, 83642.The main telephone number is (208) 846-8547. The customer service RideLine number is (208) 345-RIDE (7433). The toll-free number is 1-855-345-7433.

Executive Director: Kelli Badesheim
 Executive Assistant: Linda Ihli
 Finance Director: Jim McMahon
 Operations Director: Billy Wingfield
 Development Director: Rhonda Jalbert
 Boise GreenBike Director: Dave Fotsch
 Community Relations Manager:  Mark Carnopis
 Community Programs Manager: Tod Morris
 Principal Planner : Vacant
 Regional Project Manager: Jacob Hassard
 Grants Administrator: Kelly Higgs
 Operations Manager: Susan Powell
 Travel Trainer: Ken Schick
 Procurement Director: Vacant

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